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Flight Cost to Stratus

    We provide First Class consultancy and implementation at Economy rates. We Only charge for 'Actual' consultancy and implementation (not for travel costs, lunch breaks etc or initial discovery meetings).

    Our Invoicing is based on number of units of consultancy /implementation. Each Unit consists of 5 hours of consultancy and implementation.

    Each unit cost is £300 (currently no VAT is chargeable).

    Minimum number of units for all new customers is 7. This equates to £2,100.

    This can be topped up by single units.

    Each unit is payable in advance. ie Once you decide that you would like to take your Office into the Cloud

    Consultancy and Implementation fees exclude software/ hardware and subscription costs from for eg Google. Subscription costs range from £10pm to £100pm depending on number of tools used and no of users who require access.

    Once a project is completed you may consider two options (a) go Solo or (b) enter into an annual service contract currently at £150 pm which provides remote support subject to a fair use policy and T & C's.

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